And sheep may safely graze


By Scott Ross

Note: I do not claim copyright on any of the images below.

My doctor’s office sent me an email message yesterday, informing me that no patient who is not wearing a protective mask will be permitted entry because they don’t have enough masks on hand.

You get that? I may be bleeding to death, or have developed an ulcer, or dangerous hypertension, after weeks of the endless, panicked braying by ignorant press, politicians and the general populace about the dread onslaught of the terrible horrible no-good coronavirus “pandemic” that is going to kill millions of Americans! (Although, oddly, a mere few thousand of the usual influenza-season deaths is all the fear-mongers have to show for their efforts… and even those numbers have been wildly inflated by doctors ascribing nearly every death, of any kind, to COVID-19.) But unless I agree to breathe in carbon dioxide for extended periods in order to make you feel a little more secure, I can go pound sand. How dare they send me such a note? How fucking goddamn dare they tell me that unless I acquiesce, and submit, and comply, and beg their pardons, and bleat meekly, my life and my health are forfeit?

Sheep with masks

Image created by “Ceesmin.”

Welcome to America, 2020. Where we encourage our neighbors and family members to snitch on each other to the cops for daring to defy insanity. Where our politicians give trillions of our tax dollars to corporations and a teensy temporary IRS “loan” to us, who are without work, without benefits, without jobs and, soon, one presumes, without food or houses. (The bill, by the way, that represents the greatest transfer of wealth in American, indeed world, history, was originally proposed in Congress in January of 2019, under another name. As Machiavelli advised, and as Rahm Emanuel famously reiterated, never let a good crisis go to waste.) Where citizens are forcibly vaccinated against their will in hospitals. Where the “public face of the epidemic” is a career criminal who stands to gain millions if (when?) a Federally-mandated, mandatory mass-vaccination program is implemented, and a billionaire software developer heads up the team developing one. Where toilet articles are bought up and hoarded, en masse, for reasons which defy reason or explanation. Where billions of dollars’ worth of crops and livestock are simply destroyed because no one is permitted to harvest or process them for foodstuff and where the shelves may soon be empty of much more than bathroom tissue. Where millions are being made sick with anxiety and lack of sunlight when they could be soaking up Vitamin D naturally in the blessed relief of springtime after a long, wet winter. Where the odious phrase “Thank you for your service” once reserved only for fawning over paid assassins is now being extended to anyone in a uniform. Where police come to your door and order you to keep your children inside. Where a walk with one’s dog is considered a hostile act, and where any questioning of a virus’ origins, or attempt to get at the true numbers of those affected, or to warn that a money-and-power-grab is at play here so staggeringly large it nearly beggars belief, is met with derisive comments, the questioners earning from at one recent Presidential candidate of a third party the sneering epithet “nut-cases.”

And we smugly ask how the Germans could possibly have given in to Hitler.

Happy grazing… if, that is, you can get any grass past that surgical mask now permanently affixed to your ovine face.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Benjamin Franklin

Mattress Factory Outlet, Akron - sheep with masks

Irony-free display above a Mattress Factory Outlet in Akron, Ohio to encourage the wearing of surgical masks permitting you to inhale as much carbon dioxide as you can for as long a period as possible.

Text copyright 2020 by Scott Ross



4 thoughts on “And sheep may safely graze

  1. May 25, 2020 – This just in:
    In guidance released by World Health Organization Monday, the United Nations public health agency said “there is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.”
    And people are ARGUING over this. Baaaaaaaaaa! I want LAMB-CHOPS!!!
    You were ahead of the curve!

  2. scottross79

    Thanks for that, Eliot. You, of course, were ahead of everyone I know, or know of, on this. (Hey! If we’re ahead of that curve, did we FLATTEN it too?)

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