Worth reposting indeed!


By Scott Ross

Several years ago on his blog the writer and publisher Eliot M. Camarena, a man I am more than pleased to call my friend, elaborated on a now-obscure — possibly obscure then? — set of records from the John Birch Society, narrated by lovable old Walter Brennan. (With his teeth in, one presumes.)  Eliot has just updated that post to, as he so aptly puts it, “reflect current ‘liberal’ lunacy.”


Also several years ago, another friend shared his recently deceased uncle’s copies of these recorded gems with me. I have never recovered. But at least I haven’t embraced Brennan’s absurd and intolerant views as so many of the “liberal” grandchildren of the Birchers have.

Should we all live long enough, it will be interesting to see what historians a decade or so hence make of the New McCarthyism of Clintonite liberals. Perhaps they will even be able to explain it, which is more than I can do now.

Text copyright 2020 by Scott Ross

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