How to Win Boys: Unintentional(?) homoeroticism


[Note: I am in the process of closing out the two blogs I created before this one and am transferring their contents here, so please bear with the sudden appearance of these “old” essays &cet.]

By Scott Ross

How to Win Boys
You make them like you by fishing? You fish for them? They’re prizes you win by fishing? What are you telling me???

Advanced Faggotry

Where was this book when I was a naive teenager?


“Not here, Fred! Wait ’til we get back to the dorm! Geez!” (And on the cover of a magazine called “Straight,” no less!)

Bowery Billy's Bad Penny

Google images for Bowery Billy some time; he gets tied up a lot.


I wouldn’t dare comment on this.

The Hardy Boys - While the Clock Ticked resized

The Hardy’s faces suggest they’ve heard a great deal about that old queen in the basement…

Hardy Boys - Mystery of the Melted Coins

Tattoo bondage? Oh, those Hardys!

Queerie Queers - Palmer Cox

Just look at all those flagrant, queerie queers!

Scouts in Bondage

Hey, kids: The Hardy Boys called. Meet them where the clock ticks.

A veritable potpourri of inappropriateness…Balloon toy

Bananas and Milk

Boys for Pleasure Island

Boy's Life Comics

Easy to Play Classical Themes

Is that a quill-pen in your pocket, Ludwig, or you just glad to see him?

ET finger light

Get Big Dick

Isle of the Lake

The first time someone asked me my opinion of “outing,” I thought this was what she meant.

Magic soap pencils

Queer Doings at Quantham

Fellow Fags

Rectal dilaters

10 per cent of boys recommend Dr. Young’s Perfection. Another 5 per cent are curious about it.

Rocket to Uranus

The same 10 per cent enjoy this record.


For your little fag-in-training.

Jockey with roses

I would say this boy has been won.

Text copyright 2013 by Scott Ross

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